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Enterprise cloud services providers: Recent coverage for CIOs

Does your cloud strategy call for an enterprise cloud services provider -- or several? Review our recent coverage on cloud services pros and cons.

Many organizations looking to store large amounts of data are turning to enterprise cloud services providers for managed assistance of their most valuable information assets. But many enterprise CIOs are hesitant to make the switch from in-house data storage to a cloud-based solution, fearing service outages, unwieldy contracts, security snafus and the loss of seamless access to pertinent company information.

Before making the move to an enterprise cloud services provider, it's important for CIOs to educate themselves about cloud security risks, storage models, pricing and ownership models. This roundup of our recent cloud services provider coverage on contains news, tips and columns aimed at helping CIOs understand the pros and cons of available cloud solutions.

Four major cloud providers answer your cloud computing questions

In this first of a two-part story, executives from Microsoft, Amazon, Rackspace and Salesforce weigh in on cloud security and outages for CIOs. Get their thoughts on why enterprise cloud services providers offer reasonable levels of security and how cloud providers learn from service outages so they don't make the same mistake twice.

Cloud service providers explain SLAs and data ownership

In our second part of the story on cloud queries, we share the results of our poll of several enterprise cloud services providers about service-level agreements (SLAs) and data ownership. When data is placed in the cloud, how can customers be assured that no tampering will occur? And is there too much emphasis on SLAs and uptime?

Security coaching from cloud service providers

Should enterprise cloud services providers be guiding CIOs through murky security and compliance issues? According to the industry experts and insiders in the piece, this level of coaching could save headaches on both sides, clearing up disconnects on who's responsible for what. Read more in the full news story.

Would taking a vertical track benefit cloud service providers?

Data security worries play a role in keeping organizations out of the cloud, so would enterprise cloud services providers be well served to stratify their services by industry? CIOs concerned about cloud risks and compliance concerns could benefit from this approach as well. Learn more in this CIO Matters column.

Cloud-based storage is gaining traction, pros and cons

The growing popularity of enterprise cloud services providers can be attributed to their promises of ease of use and cost savings. At Merced College, the IT department found that a cloud storage solution would cost a mere $225 a month, vs. $200,000 for new storage hardware.

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