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End-user training strategy and customer compliance: Tweet jammers talk

In this month's tweet jam, participants discuss customer compliance, Target's pregnancy scandal and end-user security awareness training.

Data and information security is a top-of-mind concern in every aspect of a business, whether you're dealing with corporate, employee or customer-facing data. As the quantity of information generated increases, so does the need to protect sensitive information from destructive forces and unwanted actions by unauthorized users.

In this month's SearchCIO-Midmarket tweet jam, we wanted to know where our followers are focusing their security efforts and what kinds of threats they consider imminent. We started by asking:

There was no argument: Our tweet jammers answered with a resounding, "All data!"

In terms of data security, where there are customers, there are looming compliance issues. At least that's how SearchCIO senior features writer Karen Goulart sees it:


Encouraging some level of customer compliance is one way to protect customer data, but what happens when customers' purchasing records and other such information is shared unbeknownst to the customer? On this point, a "Big Brother" conversation spun out, focusing on retailer Target's infamous pregnancy scandal:


After discussing the importance of protecting customers' personal data, our tweet jam participants moved on to the topic of end-user cybersecurity training:

Cybersecurity priorities encompass application security, network security, disaster recovery and, perhaps most important, end-user education. Here are tweet jammers' suggestions for training users:

Tell us: Do you have any cybersecurity horror stories? Is your company focusing more attention on an end-user training strategy or customer compliance? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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