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Embrace the mobile revolution to connect with customers

Most businesses have mobile sites or apps, but only a few have figured out a way to use the mobile revolution to connect with customers. Learn how here.

Mobility; intuitive, cloud-based tools; smartphones; tablets and social media have transformed global business ecosystems forever. No one is tethered to a desk or landline any longer. As the number of consumers toting smartphones continues to grow at a steady clip, businesses have to embrace the mobile revolution to connect with customers or end up empty-handed.

Faisal HoqueFaisal Hoque,
founder and CEO, BTM Corp.

Most businesses consider mobile marketing crucial to their growth in the next five years, but a majority of them haven't fully realized mobile marketing yet. Here are six ways to make sure you keep your head in the clouds and your business mobile for the future, including moving away from desktops, thinking locally and moving into the cloud.

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