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Done is better than perfect? Sometimes, but quality apps trump all

Done is better than perfect in many corners of mobile application development, but quality apps matter more than speed, our tweet jammers say.'s mobility-themed tweet jam Feb. 27 revealed that when considering mobile app development strategies, Mark Zuckerberg's "done is better than perfect" tactic might be the best approach.

That quote, famously plastered on the walls of Facebook's corporate office and adopted by Apple and other innovators, suggests that no application is perfect right out of the gate. As part of our tweet jam, @searchCIO asked followers:

No black-and-white answer emerged; a majority of participants affirmed that developers should put a high priority on quality apps, but should also consider following an Agile approach, continuing to perfect apps even after they've gone to market.

One conversation suggested that when perfecting applications -- whether designed for consumers or for employees -- prerelease is important in light of security and disaster prevention:

Participants prioritizing upfront perfection were in the tweet jam minority, however. Most participants said that working towards perfection is too time consuming and the app development process would benefit from the customer feedback loop:

Today's consumer culture values instant gratification and just-as-instant feedback to make a mobile app more useful. A speedy application release might lead developers to overlook some bugs in the initial app -- but what better way to learn than through trial and error?

In the end, tweet jam participants felt that providing customers and employees with valuable, useful and quality apps generally trumps the need to release perfect applications the first time around:

Do you agree with the "done is better than perfect" mentality that many IT departments have adopted when it comes to application development? Let us know in the comments section below.

Read more about what tweet jam participants had to say about application development strategies by searching the #CIOChat hashtag on Twitter. Stay tuned for additional recaps from's mobility tweet jam, and follow @searchCIO on Twitter to be notified about upcoming Twitter conversations.

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