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Disaster recovery practices and business continuity plans for SMBs

Disaster recovery practices and business continuity plans are no longer a luxury for SMBs. We've rounded up some of the best DR/BC advice for CIOs.

Disaster recovery and business continuity are intertwined in the enterprise, and as smaller organizations become more aware of the many risks that could result in business losses, DR and BC -- once something of a luxury for those with big budgets and extra manpower -- are now a basic requirement. But deploying successful disaster recovery practices and a business continuity strategy isn't always easy.

SearchCIO-Midmarket has rounded up some of the best pieces from across our sister sites to educate SMB CIOs on the importance and implementation of DR and BC. See what technologies other SMBs are utilizing, which practices are proving successful, and how to tailor your business continuity and disaster recovery pitch to transform your organization's mind-set.

Expert advice on the ins and outs of modern backup and DR

Organizations that have little to no experience in disaster recovery practices and backup obviously have a few questions -- chief among them, "Where do we start?" SearchDataBackup sat down with backup and disaster recovery expert Jon Toigo to explore backup and testing processes that can help protect your vital information in case disaster strikes. 

Why every single organization needs disaster recovery

ntil recently, disaster recovery practices often required a whole lot of on-site infrastructure. Now, thanks to virtualization and cloud computing, high costs and complex systems are giving way to a pay-as-you-go model. This expert tip discusses how to approach DR in the cloud, which questions CIOs must ask and which products are readily available.

Tailoring the BC message to fit your SMB

If all members of an organization don't fully accept a business continuity plan, it's difficult to implement a truly holistic approach. But each organization's culture is different, and it can be a challenge to gauge which business continuity management approach will fit your needs and best bring employees on board. This business continuity guide tailors the BC "message" to various job titles, and establishes the right practices for successful integration.

Virtualization disaster recovery cookbook for the SMB

Organizations of all sizes need an integrated virtualization disaster plan to protect their data because "backups simply won't cut it." So, what's the perfect recipe for creating winning disaster recovery practices? This "cookbook" includes all the ingredients you can blend into a perfect DR recipe -- with your organization's own special add-ins, of course.

Which BC/DR plans to use when something goes wrong

CIOs should address business outcomes in their BC/DR planning exercises -- sounds easy enough, right? Well, as any CIO who has ever conducted a business impact analysis could tell you, it's more challenging than it looks, especially when critical deadlines are fast approaching. This tip provides a matrix of business scenarios and how to address them as part of a larger BC/DR strategy.

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