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Data interpretation and visualization techniques add business value

In this tweet jam recap, learn how to add business value to big data analytics with data interpretation and visualization techniques.

Does big data actually hold any worth without proper data interpretation? According to @searchCIO Twitter followers, effective visualization techniques are crucial for extracting business value from massive amounts of collected information in big data analytics.

During's big data tweet jam on March 27, executive editor Linda Tucci explained that time and money invested in big data is one thing, but the challenge of presenting big data is a whole other animal. Tucci's post during question one's discussion about big data's business value provided a great segue into question two about understanding data:

Tweet jam participants suggested tactics for processing and understanding data, proposing that it all starts with asking questions such as, "Who is the target audience?" and "Who needs to interpret the data?"

Once a target audience is clearly defined, many @searchCIO tweet jam participants suggested focusing on company concerns, challenges, problems and future goals. Business analysts can bring great value to business strategy by offering insight gleaned from their interpretation of the data:

Finally, visuals hopped off the sideline and take their spot on the big data playing field. The presentation of big data analytics numbers and findings are essential for proper data interpretation regardless of audience, said tweet jam participants:

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but not all tweet jammers agreed that visualization techniques are key to understanding big data. Effective data interpretation is multilayered -- it is one feat to understand data and another to act upon it:

Read more about what SearchCIO tweet jam participants had to say about big data interpretation and visualization methods by searching the #CIOChat hashtag on Twitter. Or read the other two big data tweet jam recaps: Is analysis of data worth your IT staff's time? ... Hire a data scientist or train a data analyst?

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How do you present big data in a way people can understand and act on it?