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Consumer tech enters the workplace: What are CIOs to do?

The adoption of consumer tech in business is trending toward wearable devices. In this tweet recap, learn how to prep for wearables in the workplace.

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As wearable technologies draw more attention in the consumer tech marketplace, enterprise IT organizations are bracing for the next big storm. Rather than batten down the hatches and go into hiding, CIOs should be proactive about wearable tech, while also heeding the cautionary words of SearchCIO's tweet jam participants.

The year's first #CIOChat asked participants how to prepare for BYO-wearables, new ways business should interact with customers, which tools are necessary for data management and how to use existing technologies to boost employee morale. In this recap, January tweet jam expert Simon Jones, managing director at OnPR, a technology public relations and analyst firm, and a blogger at WearableTechWatch, kicks off our discussion by asking SearchCIO's followers:

Tweet jam participants expressed that the fundamental purpose of wearables must be established in order to ease their transition into the workplace. Can these consumer tech gadgets increase productivity in work-related tasks? Tweet jammers suggested that these technologies might be worth it if they make certain tasks hands-free or replace the monotonous entry of passwords:

Our tweet jam participants' excitement made it clear that wearables will enter more workplaces in the next few years. How can IT leaders get the jump on managing employee and customer use of this brand of consumer tech? SearchCIO asked:

First things first: If enterprise CIOs aren't already working wearables into their mobile strategies, then they're already falling behind. Andi Mann, vice president of products, strategy and marketing at CA Technologies, suggests IT get a move-on:

With IT staff on board, executive leadership should turn its sights on policymaking:

Policy development is crucial for those CIOs looking to avoid security woes as wearables come into play -- in other words, each and every one of them. And on that note, as wearables are inherently mobile devices, IT executives must keep mobile policies and frameworks in mind as well:

The uses for wearable technology are endless, but management complications are inevitable. Stay tuned for additional recaps from our wearables-themed tweet jam.

To view the entire conversation from this month, search #CIOChat on Twitter. Our next tweet jam will take place on Wednesday, Feb. 26, at 3 p.m. EST. Follow @SearchCIO for a topic announcement.

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What should CIOs do now to prepare for bring your own wearables?