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Compliance management: From virtualization to licensing agreements

Boost your compliance confidence with our five tips for midmarket compliance management.

As regulations and technology both consistently grow and change, maintaining compliance with any set of mandates is a moving target. And regulation may only increase in 2009.

Thus, we have compiled our most popular compliance management-related content to help bring you up to speed in the new year. What is an enforceable (and practical) electronic records retention policy? How does server virtualization affect company compliance controls? What's really written in a software license agreement? Learn the answers to these and other compliance questions with our collection of expert tips and advice. And become a member of our new site,

 Taking electronic records retention management to the next level
The CIO of the city of Riverside, Calif., took compliance and e-discovery by the horns by establishing a flexible but easily enforceable electronic records retention program.

 SaaS: Navigating the compliance minefield
The underlying legal issues for SaaS contracts can be ticking time bombs if you don't pay attention to the details.

 Midmarket regulatory compliance management: Don't let your guard down
All regulations are not created equal. Security expert Joel Dubin has advice on how to keep regulation requirements in order.

 How to scope the liability clause in your software license agreement
Standard limit of liability clauses favor the vendor. Here's how to modify them to protect your firm from IT risk.

 Data center virtualization: Four steps to compliance
Server virtualization, managed data centers and hosted software can affect your company's compliance controls. Here's how to overcome the obstacles.

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