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Can cloud ROI formula and agility trump potential cost savings?

In their pursuit of cloud, some CIOs are placing a premium on an effective cloud ROI formula and are focusing on cloud agility, tweet jammers said.

Our most recent #CIOChat on cloud economics was a busy one, brimming with conversations about hidden costs, security issues, cloud sprawl, exit strategies and arguments for public vs. private cloud. All this talk made one thing quite obvious: Implementing cloud technologies is no easy task, and priorities differ not only across industries, but also across departments in a single company.

Can an effective cloud ROI formula and a focus on cloud agility trump speed bumps along the way and make up for some less-robust-than-anticipated cloud savings? We asked our tweet jam participants just that:

An ROI formula provides a way to evaluate how well an organization is managing its expenses and the extent of cost savings realized -- a calculation that is much easier said than done. According to our tweet jam expert, Wellesley College CIO Ravi Ravishanker, certain intangibles factor into ROI:

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Cloud service implementation is often driven by users' desire for easy information access and the ability to collaborate with co-workers seamlessly, so their wishes are an essential component in the calculation of a cloud ROI formula, albeit one that's tough to reduce to strict dollars and cents. Here are other factors to consider when implementing cloud and calculating ROI:

Not every tweet jammer was gung-ho about prioritizing a company's cloud ROI formula over cost savings -- in fact, several participants posited that ROI is overrated:

The conversation shifted to agility, specifically whether or not improved cloud agility is a more valuable outcome than cost-cutting when it comes to cloud:

What do you think? Would improved agility motivate you to move to the cloud, even if potential cost savings were lower than you hoped? Do you have a cloud ROI formula? Let us know in the comments section below.

To view the entire cloud economics tweet jam conversation, search "#CIOChat" on Twitter and join SearchCIO for our next tweet jam on Oct. 30 at 3 p.m. (topic and expert TBA).

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