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Calculate your own IT ROI

How does your company measure up to the top 50 companies with the best return on investment in IT (ROIT)? Here's a calculator, provided by our partner, Alinean, which you can use to gauge where your company stands in terms of ROIT. launched its SearchSMB 50 – a listing of the top 50 small and medium-sized companies that have the...

best return on investment in IT. Our partner, Alinean, has provided us with the top 50 companies. You can view the methodology here.

Once you've viewed the SearchSMB 50, you can compare your own company and see how your ROIT ranks among others. This downloadable worksheet is provided to help your organization calculate your own ROIT to measure efficiency and effectiveness of IT investments. The ROIT metric was created by Alinean - The IT Value Experts.

Download the worksheet here

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  • The SearchSMB 50 and Alinean, an ROI research company, present 50 small and medium-sized businesses that excel in maximizing IT investments. Drilling into 10 vertical markets, we look at which companies make their IT dollars count.

  • Profile: Green Mountain's consumer channel brews ROI
    Green Mountain Coffee Roasters' focus on business pays off when measuring IT return on investment.

This was last published in October 2005

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