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#CIOChat: Your wearable device presents a BIG data challenge

Ever consider the implications of bringing your wearable device to work? Tweet jam participants discuss data challenges and infrastructure needs.

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Wearable technology is making big data even bigger. Generally, the term big data is used to describe the voluminous amount of data a company and its entities create. Some enterprises eschew big data analytics because filtering and loading information into databases requires a lot of time and a significant chunk of money. But with the advent of the wearable device and all of the useful business data it might generate, resource demand shouldn't deter data managers from finding ways to extract value.

Early into our January wearable technology-themed tweet jam, #CIOChat veteran Andi Mann pointed out the data challenge linked to these new technologies:

This drab outlook on the future of data management might -- and should -- have CIOs worried. Several #CIOChatters discussed what can be done to ease data woes around wearable devices. Hint: It all starts with knowing what you do -- and don't -- need to analyze. But even that approach comes with its own data challenges:

Once CIOs and their designated data managers have a strong understanding of which wearable-device data adds value to their organization, IT must put certain management tools in place to help sift through that information. SearchCIO asked:

Tweet jammers suggested that, with the right infrastructure, data managers can extract business value and keep data obtained from wearable devices safe:

When it comes to security, companies need more than just top-of-the-line data security tools. Wearable technology is an entirely new facet of mobile technology that requires its own policies:

Finally, there are the data tools and infrastructure solutions you might not have considered:

To Mars we go! This tweet recap is part of our wearables-themed #CIOChat hosted by SearchCIO. For more recaps, or to get information about our next discussion, follow @SearchCIO on Twitter. SearchCIO would like to thank expert Simon Jones, managing director at OnPR, a technology public relations and analyst firm, and a blogger at WearableTechWatch, for joining us for this discussion.

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Do you anticipate wearable devices generating big data in your organization?
Not wearable devices, but drivable devices. The connected car is going to generate a huge amount of information, likely equivalent to the quantity of biometric data for wearable devices.