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#CIOChat: Technology phrases we're swearing off in 2014

In SearchCIO's year-end tweet jam, participants shared the technology phrases they plan to banish from their IT vocabulary in 2014.

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The end of the year always brings much reflection and lists upon lists. For instance, Lake Superior State University in Michigan picked selfie, twerk, hashtag and Twittersphere to top its 39th annual List of Banished Words and Phrases last month. In terms of technology, the Twittersphere (see, there's that word!) exploded last month with the popular hashtag (oops, there we go again!) #FiveWordTechHorrors.

In the same spirit -- we are technology writers and editors, after all -- SearchCIO wanted to know what technology phrases or statements our readers plan to swear off in 2014.

We posed this question during SearchCIO's year-end #CIOChat tweet jam on IT resolutions and regrets. The first to sound off was our Twitter discussion expert and SearchCIO contributor Harvey Koeppel:

Our writers and editors had a few pet-peeve technology phrases and IT strategies of their own to share, relating to big data, a well-worn "fruity" phrase and IT-business alignment and its ilk:

Does doling out piecemeal answers about software updates at your company ever wear you down? Well, you're not alone:

The role of the CIO is always ripe for debate, and that I for information -- or is it? -- continues to cause much consternation. SearchCIO Managing Editor Rachel Lebeaux kicked off a string of tweets by stating:

And finally, a well-earned dose of humor: Loyal tweet jam participant Andi Mann wouldn't commit to swearing off any term in particular for the following reason:

For more annoying technology phrases and related sayings, search #CIOChat on Twitter. Our next #CIOChat will take place Jan. 29 at 3 p.m. EST. Follow @SearchCIO for updates.

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What technology statement or phrase are you swearing off in 2014?