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Are you keeping up with technology or opening the door for rogue IT?

Is your IT organization keeping up with technology or falling hopelessly behind? Discuss whether past-its-prime tech justifies a turn toward rogue IT.

As the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) movement pushes forward, IT organizations are hurrying to establish guidelines for and limitations on the use of personal devices in the workplace. There's little time to waste: According to participants in our March tweet jam, rogue and shadow IT are more the rule than the exception, with employees operating under an "IT didn't ask so I won't tell" mindset. Their take: What's the harm in using preferred smartphones, tablet PCs and wearable technologies if they get the job done?

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The problem with rogue IT is that some of these technologies expose the organization to security threats, often without the knowledge of the CIO. Whether they're ignorant to these risks or simply choosing to disregard them, users are enlisting these rogue devices for a reason, and it's the CIO's job to understand why. Could it be that IT organizations simply aren't keeping up with technology advances, and does that in any way justify users turning to unsanctioned technology?

During SearchCIO's recent rogue IT-themed tweet jam, Executive Editor Linda Tucci asked just that:

Several of our #CIOChat followers responded:

Is your organization keeping up with the technology that's expected in today's enterprise, or do you fear that IT is falling behind the curve? Has the presence of shadow technology in your organization caused you to reconsider hardware or software purchases? Please sound off in the comments section below.

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Is your IT organization keeping up with the latest technology or falling behind?