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An IT spring cleaning for CIOs

Tips for CIOs to clean up before summer hits -- give the department a good going-over with resources on business intelligence, outsourcing, single sign-on and more.

Call it spring cleaning. An IT department spring cleaning, really. CIOs occasionally need to step back and take a look at where they can tighten budgets, organize data, set end users back in line and, in some cases, just plain throw stuff out.

Our experts spent the month dropping tips to help CIOs with a thorough, organized cleaning. From organizing single sign-on to regulating text messaging to business intelligence tips about using all that data you have lying around, they've covered the bases. (Get it? Spring? Baseball?) Done correctly, IT might even get a little time off this summer. Might.

 The Real Niel: Rules of outsourcing
There is no single, one-size-fits-all approach to outsourcing. Rather, the best answer to all the "should I" and "how to" questions regarding outsourcing is this: It depends.

 Better business intelligence boosts confidence in data
A refined business intelligence strategy has big payback for one midmarket organization: more accurate data, shorter lead times and improved visibility into the order-ship-billing cycle.

 Operational BI entirely new landscape of analysis
This new flavor of business intelligence goes way beyond basic analysis: It now supports the day-to-day operations to generate revenue and increase profits.

 Single sign-on: Sensible security on scale
Single sign-on is no longer the preserve of large companies. With the right tools, midmarket companies can also enjoy the benefits and convenience of one password.

 Hardball tactics required to manage SMS, IM
Text messaging, or SMS, may be a simplified way of communicating. But, if left unmanaged, it could become a nightmare for IT.

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