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CIOs face regular enterprise data security and privacy issues as they are expected to effectively use technology to share data while still following specific rules and regulations to protect personal information. Specific data security and privacy issues include creating best practices for security and data theft prevention, setting up data privacy policies and avoiding data privacy incidents. Find the latest enterprise data security and privacy information for CIOs, including news, tips and other resources, in this topic section.

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  • cookie poisoning

    Cookie poisoning is a type of cyber attack in which a bad actor hijacks, forges, alters or manipulates a cookie to gain unauthorized access to a user's account, open a new account in the user's name or steal the user's information for purposes such ... Continue Reading

  • chief trust officer

    A chief trust officer in the IT industry is an executive job title given to the person responsible for building confidence around the use of customer information. Continue Reading

  • The shift to edge computing is happening fast -- here's why

    Whether you call it the Fourth Industrial Revolution or digital transformation, enterprise IT is being changed fast, and forever, and edge computing is a big reason why. Continue Reading

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