Enterprise artificial intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) technologies such as cognitive computing, machine learning and robotic process automation seek to simulate human intelligence: learning, reasoning and self-correcting -- through technology. In this topic area, find the latest news, tips and opinion about the role of enterprise artificial intelligence in IT and business strategy.

Enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) News

  • March 25, 2020 25 Mar'20

    COVID-19 has mixed effect on Nvidia news

    During an Nvidia news call this week, company officials said the coronavirus pandemic has had a mixed impact on its business, with work-from-home-related sales up but certain sectors, such as sales ...

  • July 30, 2019 30 Jul'19

    CIO job description grows ever more demanding

    Korn Ferry's Craig Stephenson shares his thoughts on the changing CIO job description and urges tech leaders to follow the 'ADAPT' leadership framework.

  • July 09, 2019 09 Jul'19

    Automation Anywhere's Microsoft pact indicative of hot RPA market

    RPA vendor Automation Anywhere said it's poised to take full advantage of the burgeoning RPA market. Its recent deal with Microsoft is just one indication of RPA's popularity.

  • July 03, 2019 03 Jul'19

    Criteria for success in AI: Industry best practices

    Is it useful to study how companies outside of your industry are applying AI? Experts from Shell, Uber and Fellow Robots believe so. Read about their criteria for success in AI.

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