VoIP security and converged networks: A Special Report for CIOs

VoIP adoption hinges on midmarket CIOs' ability to overcome security and bandwidth concerns that go hand in hand with Internet technology.

Voice over Internet Protocol's (VoIP) many business benefits, including greater bandwidth capacity and cost savings, are ever increasing. At large enterprises, implementing VoIP (or VoIP implementation) has its challenges, including network access and security concerns, as well as disaster recovery issues.

The good news: VoIP has been around long enough that it's no longer considered a risky new technology. Better yet, most CIOs note that the cost justification of upgrading networks -- as well as the ROI -- far outweigh the risks. This Special Report includes articles, tips, a video interview and more on VoIP and converged networks.

VoIP and networks: A SearchCIO.com video


Bowdoin College has significantly lowered overall IT costs, and it now has one of the fastest college networks in the U.S., thanks to a recent network upgrade and a Voice over IP implementation. In this interview, SearchCIO.com Editor Joyce Chutchian talks with Bowdoin College CIO Mitch Davis about how he prepared for Bowdoin's VoIP implementation and advice he has to offer other CIOs who are considering a VoIP implementation.


VoIP vulnerabilities: Why firewall protection is not enough
In the past, many companies relied on intrusion detection systems and firewalls to protect their data and VoIP systems. However, today's experts are saying that's not enough to protect against certain VoIP vulnerabilities. In this podcast, our expert will discuss various VoIP security threats and methods to protect against them.


VoIP: Security Fear Factor
[Barbara Darrow, Contributor]
The time is ripe for midmarket firms to jump on the Voice over IP bandwagon. But security remains a giant hurdle.

VoIP savings seen in productivity and long-distance charges
[Elisabeth Horwitt, Contributor]
VoIP systems are helping companies see quicker ROI and more immediate costs savings.

As IP telephony matures, more CIOs buying into the technology
[Shamus McGillicuddy, News Writer]
Maturing IP telephony technology, specifically VoIP, is making its way into more and more businesses while outdated PBX systems (although tried and true) are being shown the door.

VoIP rollout in 10 steps
[Barbara Darrow, Contributor]
On the road to VoIP, many pitfalls await midmarket companies. Everything from unmet cost-savings expectations to phishers and spammers can derail a VoIP initiative. Here's a 10-point roadmap.

Converged networks a risky business
[Herman Mehling, Contributor]
With the promise of a single system for voice, data and video, converged networks offer SMBs a raft of benefits -- but they also expose them to increased security threats. SMBs need to identify these threats and create a policy to address them.

VoIP brings flexibility, accessibility
[James M. Connolly, Contributor]
VoIP systems can help midmarket executives manage telephone interactions, make salespeople more accessible, improve the customer experience -- and reduce costs, too.

VoIP demands network upgrades, bandwidth
[Carrie Higbie, Contributor]
VoIP requires updated networks and bandwidth for added activity. Carrie Higbie offers advice on how to evaluate your networks prior to VoIP deployment.

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