Salary and careers special report for enterprise CIOs

Despite the economic downturn, enterprise IT executives are maintaining job stability and are confident it will continue. In fact, the confidence is translating into better salaries, increased job satisfaction and an improved work/life balance. Find out why this is, and what else we uncovered, in the Salary and Careers Survey Special Report. Learn what other enterprise CIOs are earning and how you stack up.

In recessionary times, how do you motivate your IT staff when you're unable to raise salaries?

CIO salary data shows high paychecks still the norm
[Kate Evans-Correia, Executive Editor]
Despite an uneasy economy, CIOs and IT managers continue to make six-figure salaries, and they remain confident about future job security.

Telecommuting an increasingly common option for execs
[Rachel Lebeaux, Associate Editor]
With high gas prices, IT execs who value productivity and work/life balance have now turned to telecommuting options for their staff.

In a tough economy, CIOs have few job-security concerns
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Despite a weak economy, IT is seen as an asset in operational efficiency, not a money pit.'s recent survey indicates that many CIOs feel secure in their jobs.

CIO recruiters offer tips on getting the job you want
[Linda Tucci, Senior News Writer]
Headhunters specializing in CIO searches all say the same thing: If you're good, we'll find you. We give you the inside scoop to make sure they do.

Just the stats, ma'am: Our data tables:

How do you stack up against your peers when it comes to salary, bonuses and more? View the data below.

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[Zach Church, News Writer]
The poor economy is holding CIOs back from asking for big raises. Some are even facing hiring freezes.

Could you hate your boss that much?
[Kristen Caretta, Associate Editor]
A recent salary survey shows reasons people leave their jobs -- dissatisfaction with management is at the top. Could you hate your boss that much?

Telecommuting a luxury
[Zach Church, News Writer]
Like many IT professionals at small and medium-sized businesses, this CIO has high aspirations. Some may even aspire to the corner office.

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