Business performance management: Special Report for CIOs

Business performance management is gaining ground as companies become aware of its benefits. This Special Report takes an in-depth look at this software segment.

As companies continue to rely on technology to drive business growth, they are becoming increasingly aware of the benefits effective performance management can bring to all areas of the organization. Using IT to manage corporate performance starts with figuring out which metrics drive your business, then employing software to centralize, analyze and distribute data in as close to real time as possible.

The CIO Decisions and Special Report on Business Performance Management includes an in-depth look at this software segment, plus customer case studies, a list of best practices and an overview of the vendor landscape.

Webcast: Using business performance management to add value to your business
This webcast will discuss the role of business performance management in an organization and, if implemented effectively, how it can improve alignment and add value to the business. We'll discuss the strategic changes that CIOs must implement to get the most out of business intelligence dashboards, data warehousing, data analytics, and more. Industry expert James Champy will moderate a roundtable discussion with three other experts and practitioners and offer advice on how to use business performance strategies and technologies to measure and improve on your business and IT goals.

Podcast: Selling business performance management to your CEO
In this expert podcast, business performance management expert James Champy will outline the essential strategic steps CIOs must take to manage business performance. From establishing business priorities to getting the most ROI out of data management and IT metrics, Champy will offer tips based on his extensive industry experience on building an effective business performance plan and selling it to your CEO.

E-book: BPM -- Seeking Performance Success in the Midmarket
This e-book includes CIO Decisions magazine feature articles and case studies illustrating how midmarket companies are turning to BPM to measure progress and improve performance.

Seeking Performance Metrics
[John Sterlicchi, CIO Decisions]
How is your company performing? If you can't answer that question quickly -- or at all -- maybe it's time for business performance management software.

10 Steps to Implementing BPM
[BPM Partners]
From getting an executive sponsor to analyzing your results, BPM Partners offers 10 things to keep in mind when dealing with BPM.

Case Study: Score One for Microsoft
[John Sterlicchi, CIO Decisions]
A Boulder, Colo.-based credit union turns to Microsoft in its search for an automated scorecard.

Case Study: Caterpillar Gets Tough With BPM
[John Sterlicchi, CIO Decisions]
A BPM system helps the machinery giant get a handle on budgeting.

A business performance management primer
[Matt Bolch, Contributor,]
Call it BPM, corporate performance measurement or enterprise performance management. Whatever the name, it's a technology strategy every CIO should be using.

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