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Unified communications: Savvy business move or security meltdown?

Unified communications could be the answer for midmarket companies that are low on cash and staff. But what about the security risks? Test your knowledge of UC and keep ahead of the game!

Unified communications (UC), if used securely, can bring together midmarket companies that may be low on cash and staff. How? By keeping the electronic company traffic on one network, reducing the need for specialized staff. But is it secure?

Sending text messages and instant messages (IM), or even using a mobile device that, if lost, could not be "wiped" remotely, could endanger the security of your company. Plus, since all the communication would theoretically be on the same network, network hackers could gain access to all of your company information.

There are pros and cons with all new technologies. Understanding the risks and recognizing your options can keep you and your company a step ahead. Test your UC knowledge with our quick quiz!

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