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The next stage in mobile network technology: A CIO quiz

Think you know what the future holds for the intersection of mobility and networking? Review our recent coverage and then take our quiz to test your knowledge of mobile network technology.

From the connected car to mesh networking, new technologies are rapidly developing that can help enterprises master the next great frontier of mobility. And while it's not easy to predict all of the triumphs and tribulations that will accompany mobility, it doesn't take a crystal ball to recognize that organizations must embrace mobile network technology in order to keep apace.

Whether it's adapting business processes to the Internet of things, wearable technology or any other new consumer devices that continue to work their way into the corporate setting, companies' are being forced to make big data management changes in the mobile era. Companies that take a proactive approach to mobility, however, can reap business benefits such as improved employee satisfaction and productivity that provide big boosts to their bottom lines.

Review SearchCIO's recent coverage of mobility and mobile networks to brush up on the latest advances, and then take our quiz to see if you know what's next for mobile network technology.

Next Steps

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