Test your knowledge: IT quizzes for midmarket CIOs

IT questions? Refresh your knowledge of all things IT with our collection of information technology quizzes for the midmarket CIO.

Got IT questions? We've got the answers -- but you have to work for them! Staying up to date with all IT topics can feel like an impossible task. Tools and methodologies are constantly changing and evolving, security threats and compliance regulations can be difficult to stay on top of, and weeding through what you need to know when it comes to new software implementations can be daunting. But our quick and condensed IT quizzes, covering topic highlights and important information, are a roundup of what you know, should know and can learn more about.

Test your knowledge on everything from project management to risk management and outsourcing to ITIL with our IT quizzes. Be sure to check back often, as we will regularly update this page.


Our automation experts have all weighed in, and now it's your turn: Take our business process automation quiz and see whether you make the grade.

Business intelligence solutions

BI tools are growing in popularity with midmarket companies. Test your knowledge of the market.

Business process management strategy

Find out how much you know about business process management terms and business process strategy with this quiz. And learn a few more BPM tips along the way with our expanded answers.

Cloud computing

You know the cloud computing basics, but how well can you do against our cloud experts? Take our cloud quiz and find out.


From PCI DSS to SOX to HIPAA, GLBA and beyond: Compliance is more than just a series of acronyms. Test how much you know.

CPM software

Corporate performance management solutions have come a long way. How much do you know about the executive dashboard-turned-performance indicator? Take our quiz and find out!

Data center outsourcing

Is your data center outsourcing strategy up to snuff? From how-tos to run-throughs, test your knowledge of data center outsourcing stats, facts, trends and more with our quiz.

Disaster recovery

Disaster recovery planning should be a priority for all companies, big and small. But how much do you know about DR?

IT innovation

Get ready to separate the wheat from the chaff! Here's a fast and fun quiz to see how well you're building innovation in the IT workplace.

IT Service Management

An IT Service Management implementation isn't always a top priority for CIOs on a tight budget -- but why? Test your knowledge and learn ITIL and ITSM facts with our quiz.


Are you ready for Linux? Take this quiz on Linux basics and see how much you know about Linux before you make the switch.

Outsourcing and vendor management

Are your outsourcing and vendor management initiatives on track? Learn more about outsourcing and vendor management strategy with this quiz.

Project management evaluation

Whether you're a seasoned project portfolio management (PPM) guru or just jumping into the PPM mix, test your knowledge of this topic. This IT quiz covers PPM software evaluation, strategies and trends.

ROBO DR planning

Disaster recovery (DR) plans for remote offices, branch offices (ROBO) are often overlooked. Test your ROBO DR planning knowledge and be prepared for anything.


Find out how much you know about SaaS with our Software as a Service quiz.

Unified communications

Unified communications (UC) could be the answer for midmarket companies that are low on cash and staff. But what about the security risks? Test your knowledge of UC and keep ahead of the game!

Virtualization technologies

Virtualization technology strategies are quickly evolving. Are you up to speed? Take our quiz and find out.

Web 2.0 applications

Savvy about SharePoint? Fanatical about Facebook? Find out if you know enough to sell the business benefits of Web 2.0 applications to your organization with our quiz!

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