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Sharpen your data analytics strategy

As new types of big data emerge, companies are struggling with integrating and interpreting that data for actionable business insight. Take this quiz for tips on developing your data analytics strategy for competitive advantage.

Continuous developments in social media and mobile computing have not only been a boon to businesses' operations and bottom line -- they've also given rise to a surge in data from a plethora of sources. But as Harvard professor Gary King puts it, big data isn't about the data itself, but about the analytics. The challenge now for enterprises: analyzing these massive volumes of data for valuable business insights.

While the growing availability of new types of data has brought about advances in business intelligence (BI) and analytics tools, many businesses learning to interpret this growing body of data to inform present and future decision making are still struggling to figure out how to best leverage big data. Many CIOs, for example, are still in a "limbo state," focused solely on building infrastructure to store big data. There's also the issue of being able to articulate the value of BI and analytics projects to the business.

Where's an enterprise to start with big data? Take our quiz on BI and information analytics to get guidance and best practices on honing your data analytics strategy for competitive advantage.

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