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SOA implementation and application integration: Test your knowledge

A SOA implementation allows communications between disparate services in an enterprise. Review our quiz and learn how to justify SOA to the business.

A service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the underlying structure supporting communications between services, defining how two computing entities interact. But do you understand how to justify a SOA implementation to the business and the efficiencies it could bring to your organization?

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of SOA integration initiatives and best practices -- and follow the links to our stories if you need to refresh your memory.

1. Last year, a survey by showed that of the 70% of 168 respondents who had SOA implementations, ___ planned to expand them in 2009.  Required Question

2. According to the survey, what was the No. 1 obstacle to achieving desired results?  Required Question

3. When choosing between SOA and business process management (BPM), which should come first?  Required Question

4. True or false: You should plan to eventually expose SOA services to business partners and customers.  Required Question

5. According to Todd Biske, a senior enterprise architect at $11 billion agricultural company Monsanto Co., what must a SOA initiative justify to the business from the start?  Required Question

6. On what aspect of SOA do enterprises spend most of their money?  Required Question

7. What labor-intensive process did the Screen Actors Guild wish to simplify, causing IT to consider a SOA implementation?  Required Question

8. According to Aleks Buterman, founding partner of IT consulting company SenseAgilityLLC, is SOA a process or a platform?  Required Question


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