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Renegade IT essentials: A CIO quiz

Are you properly handling renegade IT at your organization? Assess your IT management skills with this CIO quiz.

Is renegade IT a problem at your company? Chances are, yes. Whether businesses like it or not, renegade IT -- or rogue IT -- services are firmly entrenched in the enterprise. It's no longer a matter of how to eradicate them completely, as many companies have tried -- and failed -- to do; it's a matter of learning why they're there and how to respond.

Take our quiz to test your knowledge of renegade IT essentials that can help your company get a hold of shadow IT and help your business avoid unnecessary IT risks.

Next Steps

For more on curbing renegade IT risks, read about gaining an edge in cloud governance, whether CIOs are to blame for renegade IT and how SaaS governance is breeding a better CIO-business relationship.

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How has your organization dealt with rogue IT services?
We haven't had a problem with rogue IT issues because our employees know that they can come talk to us if they have an idea for doing things better. It wasn't easy to teach these skills - managers in general are hesitant to accept anything they don't already understand - but the effort we put in has definitely paid off.

If they can prove something will work better, we'll accept it - and otherwise, they don't even bother.