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Quiz: The year in SMB Tech Tips's Tech Tips have focused on compliance, networking, business process management and more this year. What have you learned from us? Test yourself with this quiz.

Data breaches, compliance regulations and outsourcing questions were just a few of the issues that kept IT professionals at small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) busy in 2006. How much did you learn about these topics from our Tech Tips this year? Test yourself with this quick quiz:

1. What's the name for a collection of tools or programs that enable administrator-level access to a computer or computer network?
a. keylogger
b. rootkit technology
c. kernel modules


2. What is a systematic approach to improving and automating an organization's business processes and workflows?
a. business process management
b. business impact analysis
c. cross engineering


3. What is strong authentication?
a. It requires users to provide two means of identification to gain access to a system.
b. It requires users to choose a new password every 90 days.
c. It requires a combination of letters and numbers in passwords.


4. What type of service provider monitors firewalls, runs intrusion detection systems, monitors logs and handles incident response?
a. Internet presence provider
b. vertical solutions provider
c. managed service security providers


5. What promises integration, convenience and protection from pretty much every threat out there -- and are especially valuable to SMBs?
a. unified threat management devices
b. intrusion detection systems
c. business activity monitoring


6. Fill in the blank: One of the essential tasks in developing a continuity or disaster recovery plan is the _________. Its purpose is to gain a clear understanding of how the business works and what happens when there is an interruption.
a. business process management
b. business activity management
c. business impact analysis


7. In which process does a malicious user fake, or spoof, your company's IP address and appear on the caller ID of an unsuspecting customer?
a. spear phishing
b. VoIP phishing
c. social engineering


8. What's the term for the point in time in which you wish to recover data?
a. recovery time objective
b. recovery point objective
c. hot backup


9. What process allows you to merge current hotfixes, service packs and application updates into an existing installation base?
a. slipstreaming
b. master data management
c. business process management


10. What are unpatched machines running special detection and auditing programs, portraying important severs that contain critical data, waiting to be hacked?
a. bastion hosts
b. honeytokens
c. honey pots


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