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Quiz: Evolving threats warrant strong cybersecurity program, strategy

CIOs must craft a cybersecurity program and strategy strong enough to combat today's breed of breaches. In this quiz, learn how to battle cybercrime.

In today's digital, data-driven age, examples of data breaches and cyberthreats are abundant -- just take a look at the plethora of high-profile hacks, including those at retail giant Target and former telecommunications manufacturer Nortel Networks, that continue to pepper today's headlines. 

Add to that the continuously expanding volumes of online and mobile data, as well as many senior executives' and board members' lack of understanding regarding their own systems and vulnerabilities, and CIOs are hard-pressed not to recognize the business value of a strong cybersecurity program and strategy.

Think your enterprise's cybersecurity program and strategy can pass muster in today's threat-ridden battlefield, in which intellectual property, personal data, company reputations, consumer confidence and so many other valuable properties are on the line? Review some of our recent CIO coverage and take our quiz to find out.

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What challenges has your company faced in developing a cybersecurity program and strategy?