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This article is part of our Essential Guide: Careers in information technology: A CIO guide to getting ahead in IT

Quiz: Careers in information technology and how to get ahead

Attention, readers with careers in information technology: Take this quiz and learn how to get ahead, earn more money and hone project ambitions.

Careers in information technology are hot, hot, hot, but capturing one -- especially when it's a high-level position like CIO -- is no easy feat. Project emphases change and new "must-have" skill sets emerge; even once you snag your coveted role, your compensation may be in flux.

How can IT professionals develop careers in a fast-changing industry and make their way to the top of the business ladder? This quiz draws career advice from TechTarget's most recent IT Salary and Careers Survey coverage and stories featuring influential leaders in the IT space.

This was last published in February 2014

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