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Quiz: Can your information security strategy cut it in the digital age?

How stalwart is your information security strategy, exactly? Can it handle today's particularly malicious variety of security threats? Take our quiz to find out.

CISOs are among the group of IT executives earning the heftiest paychecks right now, and security managers saw a marked increase in compensation this year as well, according to the results of TechTarget's 2014 IT Salary and Careers Survey. And perhaps rightly so, as respondents once again pointed to information security as a top-three project areas of focus.

As the demand for security expertise increases, never has it been more pressing for IT leaders to make sure their enterprise's security strategy is ready to face today's fierce breed of security challenges. Review some of our recent stories and take this quiz to see if your information security strategy is strong enough to handle today's digital curveballs.

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How do you balance securing sensitive corporate data with respecting employees' privacy boundaries?
I think the container approach is the way to go here - tools like Samsung Knox separate corporate data from personal stuff. 
Ben is right. I answered this in another discussion question, but if you're going to allow BYOD, you must have a solution that can sandbox or container the various data so they don't meet and so each remains safe. It's 2015, you'd think we know how to do that by now.