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Quiz: Building innovation one step at a time

Get ready to separate the wheat from the chaff! Here's a fast and fun quiz to see how well you're building innovation in the IT workplace.

Every CIO knows there’s business value behind building innovation in IT -- but it's the successful CIO who knows just how to engage the creativity and idea generation needed for true groundbreaking efforts. Our experts have primed you with lessons from the battlefield on how to embrace innovation, and ways that we can inadvertently kill our best efforts. We've illustrated several real-life examples of IT innovation in practice, from the huge initiatives to the small, quiet changes that make a difference on the bottom line. When it comes down to it, sometimes it's the smallest tweaks to our processes that reap the biggest rewards.

Are you ready to take our IT innovation challenge? We've gathered some finer points from our series on IT innovation and compiled a quick and fast quiz to determine what you've learned from your fellow CIO innovators. Take two minutes and test yourself!

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