Project management evaluation: Test your PPM knowledge

Whether you're a seasoned project portfolio management (PPM) guru or just jumping into the PPM mix, test your knowledge of this topic. This quiz covers PPM software evaluation, strategies and trends.

Project and portfolio management (PPM) is essential for effective process organization, strategic development and resource utilization. More and more companies are using PPM to keep projects humming and businesses moving forward. From PPM software evaluation to selecting the right project manager for the job, a project management strategy takes time and knowledge to properly develop.

How important is PPM in the midmarket? Where does IT governance fit in? Are vendor scorecards effective in selecting PPM software? Conduct your own project management evaluation-- and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your PPM knowledge -- with our quiz..

1. What percentage of respondents to's recent project and portfolio management survey are using some form of PPM software?  Required Question
2. True or false? Midmarket survey results and follow-up interviews showed that IT governance did not play a role in how successful an organization would be in terms of IT project efficiency, customer satisfaction and project completion.  Required Question
3. When developing a PPM software vendor scorecard, an organization should _______________  Required Question
4. What should be a key objective for a project management office (PMO)?  Required Question
5. Even with PPM software, many midmarket organizations still struggle with _____________  Required Question
6. According to some IT executives and project management experts, what should a CIO look for when hiring a project manager?  Required Question
7. Results from the same survey showed that of the respondents using PPM software, what percentage currently use Microsoft Project?  Required Question
8. True or false? PPM software usage varies by industry.  Required Question

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