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Project and portfolio management quiz for enterprise CIOs

Project and portfolio management (PPM) creates visibility and helps CIOs direct spending and resources toward the proper goals. Read these stories on PPM and take our related quiz.

Project and portfolio management (PPM) has taken on increased importance in this economic recession. PPM creates visibility into available resources and assets to help IT executives and their governance boards determine which projects are most essential, follow timelines and assess ROI.

How well do you understand PPM software, methodologies and best practices, and how they can help your organization? Take our quiz to put your PPM knowledge to the test.

1. What is the most important factor enterprises should consider in approaching a PPM implementation?  Required Question

2. According to reader research, CIOs are directly involved with managing the project portfolio or adjusting priorities among projects at less than __% of enterprise organizations.  Required Question

3. Atlanta-based credit bureau Equifax Inc. went shopping for PPM software when it wanted to get a handle on its ___________.  Required Question

4. The University of Utah established parallel project and portfolio management strategies to centralize projects across its campus. According to recent reader research on PPM, what percentage of enterprise organizations define PPM as an enterprise-wide discipline to select and prioritize investments in different parts of the company, including IT?  Required Question

5. What was Gartner Inc. analyst's Michael Hanford's main criticism of the Project Management Institute's updated portfolio management standard?  Required Question

6. What is a virtual PMO?  Required Question

7. True or false: The vast majority of respondents to the PPM survey wish their PPM governing body were more involved with PPM planning and decision making.  Required Question

8. According to this article, which of the following is not a user-vendor disconnect when it comes to purchasing PPM software rather than employing Microsoft Project and SharePoint for PPM?  Required Question

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