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Is it time to revamp your disaster recovery management program?

Disasters of all stripes -- from hurricanes to data leaks -- are bound to happen, and happen often, so a solid disaster recovery management program is a must. Take this quiz to find out if your DR plan is up to the task.

If there's anything we've learned from a rash of natural disasters, recent terrorist attacks and the plethora of cyberbreaches that seemingly pop up by the minute, it's that true disaster can strike when you least expect it.

Disaster takes many forms, the variety of which can throw disaster recovery (DR) and business continuity (BC) plans -- especially those that don't maintain a focus on disaster prevention -- into a tizzy. Moreover, advances in virtualization and cloud technologies mean that businesses are increasingly moving their systems and applications to simplify processes, while at the same time adding a layer of complexity to IT managers' DR management. And did we mention that many of the same organizations that use the cloud for other processes are moving DR hosting there as well?

The potential for natural and man-made disruptions to today's increasingly complex systems and mission-critical data means that it's never been more vital to know your DR and BC options inside and out. Whether your disaster recovery program needs an overhaul, you're selecting a third-party DR provider, or you're looking to optimize your recovery processes, review our SearchCIO coverage and take our quiz to get guidance for your disaster recovery management program.

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