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IT vendor management: Test your IQ on outsourcing, service providers

Effective IT vendor management programs can strengthen relationships with outsourcers and other service providers, boosting efficiencies and cutting costs. Is your strategy solid?

CIOs who establish strong IT vendor management strategies can apply enterprise-wide sets of standards to relationships with IT outsourcers, cloud computing vendors and other service providers, creating efficiencies and cutting costs along the way.

Have you kept up on the latest IT vendor management news and trends? Review our recent stories and take our quiz to see whether your IT strategies are up to snuff.

1. As part of his IT vendor management strategy, CIO Niel Nickolaisen stratifies his IT services into categories based on the ease of obtaining the service. Into which category do telephone services fall?

2. According to John McCarthy, an analyst at Cambridge, Mass.-based Forrester Research Inc., when a company is assembling a vendor management office or a standards body, from which company department is it vital to have representation?

3. Christine Ferrusi Ross, who leads Forrester Research's vendor sourcing team, said that one of the biggest complaints auditors have with IT departments is that they lack ___________ of third-party providers.

4. Daryl Goetz, Procter & Gamble's global manager for its IT Service Management practice and IT Infrastructure Library framework, said that multisourcing companies can avoid getting stuck in the middle of various IT providers by establishing _________.

5. If business units start procuring their own IT services, what are the risks that the CIO should consider?

6. According to Forrester Research Analyst Duncan Jones, companies that are thinking of forgoing IT maintenance or moving it to a third party can save at least ______ of the amount they would spend otherwise.

7. A few years ago, about 5% to 10% of the application development contracts given to outsourcers had very specific and rigid security policy and control requirements, according to Khalid Kark, an analyst at Forrester Research. This percentage has risen to about ___ as enterprises push more liability onto the outsourcer, Kark estimated.

8. True or false: In the past year, only 25% of 1,073 organizations worldwide saw a sharp uptick in IT outsourcing contract renegotiations, according to recent research from Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner Inc.

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