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Find out if you're clued in to Web 2.0 tools

Web 2.0 applications have changed the way information is delivered. But how much do you really know about blogs, wikis and RSS feeds? Find out with this quiz!

How did you do on our Web 2.0 tools quiz? Find out with the answers:

1. Robert D. Gourley, chief technology officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), has suggestions for SMBs that are integrating Web 2.0 applications into their existing infrastructures. What do they include?

d. All of the above, plus allow for user feedback and recognize the differences between Web 2.0 tools and other applications.

2. According to a report from Forrester Research Inc., what percentage of CIOs said they'd be more interested in Web 2.0 technology if they could buy it from major vendors?

b. 71%

3. In the same report, what percentage of CIOs said they would be more interested in Web 2.0 technology if they could acquire it as a software suite?

a. 74%

4. Paul Gillin lists a number of popular RSS-based search engines in his book The New Influencers. Which site isn't listed in the chapter excerpt?

c. My Yahoo

5. What is "a mechanism for communication between blogs," according to the Wikipedia definition cited in Gillin's chapter excerpt?

b. A trackback.

6. Dennis Moore recently cited an IDC report during his presentation at the IDC IT Forum & Expo in Boston. According to that report, what percentage of companies are experimenting with blogs?

d. 45%

7. In the same report, what percentage is experimenting with wikis?

c. 35%

8. Like RSS, what is a form of XML-based syndication technology?

a. Atom

9. According to Harvard Business School professor Andrew McAfee, Web 2.0 has changed the flow and distribution of information. How so?

d. All of the above.

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