Enterprise risk management quiz for CIOs

Enterprise risk management (ERM) is getting increased attention due to concerns about data protection, NAC, cloud computing and compliance. Learn more about ERM and take our quiz.

Enterprise risk management is the process of planning, leading and controlling the activities of an organization in order to minimize the effects of risk on capital and earnings. Recently, external factors such as prominent data leakage cases and increased regulation in light of the economic crisis have fueled a heightened interest by organizations in enterprise risk management. Industry and government regulatory bodies, as well as investors, have also begun to scrutinize companies' risk management policies and procedures for compliance.

What do you know about how CIOs can practice enterprise risk management holistically, including implementing the proper risk management methodology, data protection solutions, network access control (NAC), cloud computing security and compliance risk management? Review our latest enterprise risk management stories and take our quiz to find out.

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