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Email: What's your final reply?

Email is a vital tool of business, with more than 40 billion messages sent daily, according to one research firm. How much do you know about it? Test yourself with this quiz!

More than 40 billion person-to-person emails are sent every day, according to Framingham, Mass.-based research firm IDC. That creates a lot of work for IT professionals at businesses of all sizes, given compliance guidelines, spam, malware and other threats. How much do you know about email? Test yourself with this quiz.

1. In "Email etiquette policies: Big savings and productivity," how much time does the average worker spend reading and/or deleting spam each day?
   a. 10 minutes
   b. 15 minutes
   c. 30 minutes


2. What is included in Joel Dubin's list of inbound risks that accompany email in "Email security buying decisions"?
   a. junk email, or spam
   b. malware
   c. all of the above


3. In the tip "Email archiving and compliance tools: SMB Buying Decisions," Elisabeth Horwitt writes that many email archiving systems include a "single instant" feature that stores the primary copy of an e-mail or attachment, but not copies sent to various colleagues. This feature can reduce storage costs by how much?
   a. 5% to 10%
   b. 15% to 20%
   c. 20% to 25%


4. Gateway security vendor IronPort Systems Inc. found that image spam had increased how much in 2006 in comparison with 2005, as noted in the article "Image-based spam on the rise"?
   a. 11% overall
   b. 20% overall
   c. 50% overall


5. Which item isn't mentioned in "Email encryption: Five steps to success"?
   a. What and why?
   b. Who and where?
   c. How much?


6. Email is still the primary target of e-discovery requests, but other forms of electronic records are becoming applicable. In "IM and blogs next target for litigation," what percentage of organizations said they had received a subpoena requesting employee email in 2005?
   a. 22%
   b. 42%
   c. 24%


7. In "IM boom brings security concerns," what percentage of employees use instant messaging (IM) in the workplace?
   a. 50%
   b. 65%
   c. 85%


8. Two instant messaging products in "A recipe for secure IM success." are recommended. Which item isn't?
   a. AOL Instant Messenger
   b. Jabber
   c. Akonix


9. Email makes for an awkward collaboration tool, writes Paul Gillin in "RSS: Really simple stuff." RSS delivers a regularly updated stream of information -- what is the term for that stream?
   a. a wiki
   b. a reader
   c. a feed


10. In "Email etiquette policies: Big savings and productivity," Tom Pisello notes that spam comprises how much of an organization's email?
   a. 15%
   b. 20%
   c. 45%


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