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Does your mobile applications development strategy have what it takes?

In the age of digital businesses, a mobile applications development strategy is a must. Take our quiz to find out how to make the most of mobile apps.

As mobile devices become an everyday part of employees' and customers' lives, enterprise CIOs can no longer afford to relegate the creation of a well-honed mobile applications development strategy to the back burner.

But developing mobile apps comes with many complicated questions. There's the matter of who's using these mobile applications and how. Then there's the question of whether it's more important to turn out a mobile app quickly or to take more time and get a version that's as perfect as possible. And then there's the issue of native vs. mobile-optimized apps, whether they can be accessed across multiple platforms and devices, and whether they offer users the best experience.

And these questions barely scratch the surface. Review our recent SearchCIO coverage and take our quiz on mobile applications development to get guidance for your mobile applications development strategy.

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What's the key to your organization's mobile application development strategy?
Of all the items in the quiz, the most important piece of reasoning has to be "why would my mobile users *want* to use this app?". Often, we need to either limit what we provide as compared to a desktop or web app, or we need to make the accessing of information simpler and quicker. The mechanical aspects of that process are one thing, but if they don't correspond with the way that people work or want to work, their success rates will be limited. Think first why your customers would want to access what they need to and then build around that need, IMO.
Yep - needs first, rather than tools first, is the answer. Too many organizations just think they need a mobile app, without really knowing why.