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Data storage pop quiz answers

The SMB data storage market will reach $5.7 billion by 2010, according to IDC. Find out how much you know about this growing IT segment with the answers to our storage quiz.

Here are the answers to's data storage quiz:

1. What risks do USB keys and iPods pose to companies, according to "Insider threats a problem for SMBs, too"?
   b. They can be used to download data from company computers and then taken out of the building.

2. According to "SMBs reject tape for online backup," which form of backup continues to have a firm hold on the market?
   a. tape

3. A CompTIA survey mentioned in "Security, storage give rise to managed services" found that 30% of all users of managed services plan to invest in or increase spending on managed security services this year. How many plan to purchase or spend more on managed storage, backup and disaster recovery services?
   c. 33%

4. Spam can be quite taxing for companies. According to "Combatting image-based spam," transmitting and storing spam took up how much more of an organization's bandwidth and storage capacity in 2006 than in 2005?
   c. 40%

5. What percentage of SMBs plan to increase their server and storage spending this year, according to Forrester Research Inc., as noted in "IT shops deal with growth -- and flat budgets?"
   b. 65%

6. According to "Determining SMB storage options," RTO is how quickly you need to have data:
   c. both of the above, plus ready for use.

7. The volume of data flowing through SMBs grows by how much per year, according to "Storage ROI possible for SMBs"?
   a. at least 60%

8. In a study by IDC, as noted in "HP unites on SMB strategy," what percentage of SMBs cited data protection, disaster recovery and storage as their top business priorities?
   b. more than 50%

9. According to "Remote backup can ease network disaster recovery," what should your first decision be based on when searching for a remote backup provider?
   a. operating systems

10. Storage resource management is a term that can include what, according to "Storage resource management: SMB Buying Decisions"?
   c. both of the above

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