Business process management strategy, terms and tips: Take the quiz

Find out how much you know about business process management terms and business process strategy with this quiz. And learn a few BPM tips along the way with our expanded answers.

How much do you know about business process management (BPM)? Beyond the challenges of working with people on the business side to identify processes in need of improvement, it can be difficult to create a business process strategy, choose tools for the project and ultimately manage the process lifecycle. Among other things, you might still be wondering, when is business process automation the best option? How flexible should I be in my process planning and overall strategy?

If you've kept up with business process management news and tips or have developed a BPM strategy firsthand, find out how much you've learned by taking our business process management quiz. And if you're just beginning your implementation efforts, take this opportunity to learn more. Put your skills to the test!

1. What is BPM?

2. True or false? Midmarket organizations are often well suited for a business process strategy implementation.
3. The __________methodology matches up well with the BPM methodology because they both focus on continuous improvement.

4. Which is more important for your organization: BPM or SOA?

5. True or false? For maximum efficiency, organizations must map out all of their processes before beginning optimization efforts.

6. Where do business process discovery tools fit into a business process strategy?

7. Why would an organization want to use business process intelligence tools?

8. IT organizations should focus on the value of business process management, not _________________, when implementing a BPM strategy.

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