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Are you ready to move to cloud computing?

Review our recent coverage of cloud computing examples, advantages and challenges, and take our CIO quiz to see if you're ready to make the leap.

Despite the undeniable spread of cloud computing, many CIOs are still leery of making the switch. Not only is it no mean feat to move business applications and infrastructure to a cloud provider, but there's also fear among IT departments that a cloud-centric world might be their professional undoing.

But CIOs and IT leaders can't deny what SearchCIO's recent coverage of cloud computing examples, advantages and, yes, challenges indicates: that companies are making use of the cloud across a broad range of industries, and it's very much here to stay. Indeed, businesses are taking advantage of the cloud model's cost savings, flexibility and scalability, as well as how it brings new services to market quickly. The cloud, they find, also frees up IT staff to work on more business-valuable projects by offloading the operation and maintenance of noncore applications.

Whether you're thinking of moving some or all of your applications or infrastructure to the cloud, take this quiz, based on our recent cloud computing coverage, to help inform your decision.

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