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Agile methodologies and strategy quiz for CIOs and IT managers

Are you up to date on the Agile methodologies that will enable IT agility in your organization? Take our CIO quiz to find out.

Do you have the ability to master agility? As prompt IT strategic decision-making becomes ever more important, many organizations are turning to Agile methodologies to guide their project management efforts. Based on the Agile software development principles of small iterations and rapid development, agile project management helps IT leaders sort through project issues as they arise, helping their teams deliver successful results on time and within budget. Moreover, Agile software development methodologies are proving to be particularly important in the mobile movement, satisfying customers with frequent updates and constant software improvements.

Does your organization understand all there is to know about utilizing Agile methodologies in project management and beyond? Test your knowledge of Agile strategy by reviewing some of our past coverage and taking our quiz.

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