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Tips for managing your CPM IT service-level agreement

If managed effectively, an IT service-level agreement for your CPM initiative will let IT demonstrate strategic corporate value to partners and internal and external customers.

With every IT investment, CIOs need to make certain they know what they're getting and how it affects the business. This includes an investment in corporate performance management (CPM). CPM is often used by IT to demonstrate strategic corporate value to partners, internal and external customers.

In this podcast, SearchCIO-Midmarket.com interviews CPM author Bob Paladino about setting up and managing a CPM IT service-level agreement that will allow IT to successfully leverage the capabilities of a CPM system and still partner with the business to create value through this new investment.

BIOGRAPHY: Paladino is the author of Five Key Principles of Corporate Performance Management, and also provides executive education training and consulting services to colleges, corporations and governments globally. He is a longtime thought leader and implementer in the corporate performance management field, working with dozens of award-winning enterprises. He was recently senior vice president of Crown Castle International Corp., where he led award-winning CPM programs. Previously, Paladino led a consulting practice for Robert S. Kaplan and David P. Norton, founders of the Balanced Scorecard.

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Tips for managing your CPM IT service-level agreement

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