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SaaS solutions for the midmarket: Expert podcast

Learn how the major players such as Microsoft, SAP and others are developing and positioning their SaaS solutions to serve the midmarket.

Selling and delivering new SaaS solutions is fundamentally different than in the old, legacy, premise-based software world. As a result, the large software players face significant challenges offering SaaS solutions. In this podcast, SaaS expert Jeff Kaplan will discuss the key challenges facing Microsoft, SAP and other incumbent players, and how these companies are developing and positioning their SaaS solutions to serve the midmarket.

ABOUT KAPLAN: Jeff Kaplan is founder of THINKstrategies, a strategic IT consulting firm. Prior to this he was a leading industry analyst at IDC, Dataquest, and META Group, and a successful senior marketing executive at InterOPS Management Solutions and International Network Services (INS). Kaplan has more than twenty years of experience and recognized expertise in IT management, managed services, utility computing and outsourcing trends.

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SaaS solutions for the midmarket

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