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Outsourcing: Coming to America or not? Expert podcast

Rural or offshore? Listen to this podcast for expert advice on weighing your outsourcing destination options.

Midmarket companies have limited resources and often outsource work for quicker implementation times and specialized skill sets not found in-house. But where are these midmarket companies sending their outsourcing work? Many are sending work offshore to places like India and China because of the cheaper cost of labor. However, some companies are sending work to U.S. outsourcers because of accessibility and convenience. In this podcast Helen Huntley, a research vice president at Gartner Inc., addresses the pros and cons of offshoring vs. rural sourcing and how midmarket CIOs can make the best decision to meet their sourcing needs.

ABOUT HUNTLEY: Huntley is a research vice president at Stamford, Conn.-based Gartner, where she focuses on outsourcing and IT services. Her recent research addresses negotiating outsourcing contracts and using offshoring services to cut costs in an economic downturn.

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Outsourcing: Coming to America or not?

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