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IT insourcing trends: Weighing the pros and cons

IT insourcing trends are on the rise in the midmarket, as companies realize benefits including cost savings and the ability to more quickly adapt to changing business needs.

The IT insourcing trend -- which is the practice of contracting IT services internally rather than to an outside service provider -- is on the rise for numerous reasons. Midmarket companies are starting to realize the benefits of IT insourcing, which include cost savings and the ability to more quickly respond to changing business needs. In this podcast, SearchCIO-Midmarket Executive Editor Karen Guglielmo interviews sourcing expert Ben Trowbridge about the latest IT insourcing trends and why midmarket companies can benefit most from leveraging these types of services in an economic crisis.

BIOGRAPHY: Trowbridge is founder and CEO of Alsbridge Inc., an advisory firm that manages the planning, evaluation and negotiation of outsourcing, shared services and benchmarking. Previously, he was CEO of United Messaging, managing partner for Ernst & Young's outsourcing services business and chief operating officer for Ernst & Young's global outsourcing business.

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