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Female Boston CEO vocalizes opinion on absence of women in technology

Pamela Goldberg, CEO at the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, delves into issues surrounding leadership, job skills and women in technology.

Pamela Goldberg

Pamela Goldberg, CEO

The culture of IT has long suffered from a gender imbalance due to the lack of women in technology. But IT culture is slowly acquiring more powerful and vocal women from all sectors. We sat down with one female CEO to discuss the divide between women in technology and the future of IT business.

Pamela Goldberg is the CEO of the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, a public economic development agency focused on fortifying the commonwealth's innovation economy and expanding technology-related enterprises. She's not just a leader and an entrepreneur, but also a role model for women in technology across the globe.

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SearchCIO-Midmarket.com editorial assistant Miki Onwudinjo recently had the chance to speak with Goldberg about women in technology and the culture of IT. Listen to the full podcast to hear Goldberg's stance on women in technology and what senior leaders can do to encourage them.

What is your opinion on the absence of women in technology?

Pamela Goldberg: Well, I do believe that there are a growing number of women moving into the tech sector. It's an area of growing interest for women. Historically, there were very few women in the math and science field, generally, and not very many women role models. That's shifting. There are more and more women who are exploring these fields. One of the reasons that women explore these fields is that the tech sector works on collaboration and teams working together, and women tend to thrive in those environments. So, more and more women are being drawn to those kinds of jobs.

The tech sector works on collaboration and teams working together, and women tend to thrive in those environments.

Pamela Goldberg, CEO, 
Massachusetts Technology 

Where does the issue of technology lacking women stem from?

Goldberg: We're working hard to break down the barriers. One of the things that we're working on within our own organization is the talent pipeline -- encouraging young people to study math and science, to get rid of the barriers, and studying math and science curriculum at the college level to be prepared for the kind of entry level jobs that are available in the workplace regardless of gender. There just need to be more women who are willing and able to mentor the next generation, to encourage them to take on these kinds of positions. I do think that as technology becomes more collaborative, it will definitely encourage more women to participate.

What skills do women bring to the technology field?

Goldberg: One of the reasons that I believe there is a growing number of women in technology and in leadership and management roles -- and certainly technology is a critical component of that -- is that the world of business used to be very transaction-oriented. It's moving toward a relationship focus. Women do much better with a relationship business environment than they do with a transaction environment. The shift is really playing to women's strengths, and I believe that we will see a continued growth of women in these roles in technology, and in leadership and management.

For more of Goldberg's view on women in technology, listen to the full podcast.

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