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Data center outsourcing contract do's and don'ts

Data center outsourcing contracts should focus on performance and availability metrics. Learn more about the do's and don'ts of setting up a data center outsourcing contract.

Performance and availability metrics are essential parts of any data center outsourcing contract. Midmarket CIOs should pay special attention to uptime guarantees and availability penalties in their data center outsourcing contracts. In this podcast, SearchCIO-Midmarket.com interviews outsourcing expert Mike McGarry about strategies for successfully setting up and managing data center outsourcing contracts.

BIOGRAPHY: McGarry is a managing consultant at Alsbridge Inc., a global advisory company. He has extensive global experience in systems integration, IT solution development and domestic and offshore sourcing. McGarry's areas of expertise include service center design, build and operations; project management office development and management; offshoring; and risk management. He has established and led software development centers and focused on internal and external software development and IT systems administration.

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Data center outsourcing contract do's and don'ts

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