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7 blockchain benefits according to Don Tapscott


Blockchain smart contracts: Government for the people and by the people

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Visual Editor: Sarah Evans

Blockchain technology and smart contracts will influence how elected officials act once in office. "Imagine representatives coming to power with [blockchain] smart contracts. They wouldn't get paid unless they do what we want them to do. And funds don't get allocated unless they propose what we wanted them to propose," Tapscott said. "We could have a world of active citizenship and accountable government that acts on behalf of the people, rather than the big-money interests." So, if a politician promises healthcare and education reform, the people can demand healthcare and education reform by pointing to blockchain smart contracts.

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How do you feel about using blockchain smart contracts to hold government official accountable?
Yes I think so. Government should be a people governed thing. Persons s(Elected) to represent the people should, must be open(transparent) in matters relating to governing 
yes you need a router
I doubt anything short of firing squads will get congressional representatives to act in the interest of the people who voted them into office. Politicians are, after all, sorely beholden to the corporations that paid their tab into office. But anything that keeps a record trail can be a huge help in nudging them in the right direction. That, perhaps, might eventually reduce the value of corporate owned politicians.
It seems that coersion through any means but the ballot is not true to our republican form of government in the USA (which is generally and erroneously referred to as a Democracy).  There is some amount of wisdom in allowing our elected leaders to vote as they see fit.  Until our representatives will vote against the party lines and for the traditional moral views that have allowed the blessings of the Lord upon this country, decline is our societies' venue of choice.