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Top CIOs reveal their biggest information technology issues


Finding IT talent

Source:  TechTarget

At the 2014 MIT Sloan CIO Symposium, Equinix CIO Brian Lillie sat on a panel of experts who batted around how CIOs can overcome organizational obstacles and live and breathe best practices in strategic planning. Asked what obstacles plague Equinix's IT strategic roadmap, Lillie answered candidly: "Talent."

"We've been fortunate, but it's only going to get harder," said Lillie, identifying "finding talent with the skill sets that you need" as his biggest hang-up. At Equinix, a provider of data centers and Internet exchanges, Lillie is constantly trying to find and hire IT talent, such as skilled data scientists and application program interface developers, to accommodate the growing popularity of accessing cloud services via mobile devices and APIs.

"You have to take care to bring in the right people and let them create," Lillie said. "It's sometimes hard, so you need to reinvent how you manage, how you retract, how you retain, how you motivate, and how you compensate and incent these folks."

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Is your organization struggling to find and hire top IT talent?
We do have some trouble occasionally, as we aren't in a major city and don't have a major software development industry here. Additionally, our hiring process sucks. Like really, really sucks. It moves so slowly that frequently, good candidates give up and find other jobs. 
Sure, talent is hard to come by, for everyone. I think the key is to find smart people, invest in them, provide them with training if needed, treat them well and compensate them fairly. It won't happen overnight, but they will become valuable employees.